About agency

AFIMMO Gmbh is a successfully developing company specializing in real estate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. He has been working in this industry since 2008. 

The agency positions itself as a reliable developer for customers from Eastern Europe who are interested in finding suitable residential and commercial properties. Specialists help to overcome the language barrier, so the service is carried out in Russian, German and English, if necessary. 


The company is not just a realtor, but a full partner and developer, searching for suitable objects for investment, business development or moving to permanent residence. 

AFIMMO Gmbh is an independent player in the market, therefore it is not associated with specific developers and is not tied to one region.

List of services: 

  • Selection of residential properties for rent and purchase
  • Search for options for investment and business development
  • Property management
  • Registration of transactions
  • Opening credits
  • Obtaining a residence permit

About the work of the company 

The agency has a wealth of experience, because it has been engaged in this business for more than 10 years. Leading employees live permanently in Europe, so they are fluent in languages ​​and know the law. The company is focused on customers from Eastern Europe, so there are no barriers to transactions.