Cliff Property

Malta, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and more 1

Cliff Property is a real estate agency specializing in the sale and rental of real estate in Europe. The company has been successfully developing for more than 12 years, the general director is Olga Katrich, an entrepreneur and realtor with many years of experience in international companies. The main office of the organization is in Moscow. 

The company cooperates with both individuals and legal entities, offering a large number of properties in the following categories: 

  • Resort Property 
  • Real estate for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and passports in EU countries 
  • Developer projects 
  • Commercial real estate 

The company has a large staff that communicates freely both in Russian and in foreign languages: English, German, French and many others. 

Features of the company 

Among competitors, the agency has the following advantages: 

  • Full legal support of the client at all stages of cooperation 
  • The possibility of selecting objects that are not publicly available. 
  • Support each client after the transaction 
  • An extensive network of partners abroad 
  • Literate customer consultation 

Cliff Property also regularly holds publicly available online seminars and meetings with leading experts from European partner companies. 


The organization offers the following services: 

  • Granting of a residence permit in the selected region
  • Selection and execution of a low interest mortgage loan
  • Reviews of real estate markets in European countries and their main trends
  • Monitoring, selection and conclusion of a transaction on the acquisition or lease of the property for each client
  • Assistance in obtaining a passport of a foreign country 
  • After sales service facility 
  • Interior decoration of the property 
  • Management of all types of real estate 
  • Assistance in choosing educational institutions for client’s children

Competent prioritization of the company and full transparency of all operations guarantee the achievement of a 100% result. 

Company work 

The main goals of the company's staff are to fully inform the client at all stages of interaction and to satisfy all his needs. They are achieved through many years of work experience and close cooperation between agency representatives among themselves. 

When applying for a job, a candidate must have a specialized education, as well as knowledge of several foreign languages. All employees regularly improve their skills and share their experience with colleagues from partner companies. 

The ability of staff to respond quickly to changes in the economy and real estate market allows you to choose the best and most profitable objects, based on customer requests.