Experto International group

Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Estonia, Australia and more 14

The company Experto International group is a group of financial analysts and experts of the real estate market, specializing in the selection of the best investment options around the world. The company is developing dynamically and now has more than 1,000 partners in 53 countries. Investing in commercial real estate has become one of the most popular types of investment in Russia and the CIS countries since the late 90-ies, as the cost of real estate to a much lesser degree subject to change than, for example, the value of the shares. Investments in real estate bring profit not only from capital gains but also from renting them. In conditions of modern market economy, investing in property abroad – is the possibility of diversification of investments to reduce risks associated with changes in the exchange rate, financial and political situations within the same state. The task of specialists Experto International group is to provide professional assistance to choose the best object for investment, not only the sentences of one country. A specialists receives more than 500 proposals for real estate from the leading real estate companies from around the world. A distinctive feature of the company is the vast experience and unique knowledge of the real estate market, economy, tax systems and legal regulation in different countries. Clients Experto International group are residents of the Russian Federation and the CIS, which our experts have picked the suitable option for investment based on financial capabilities and needs.