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Hayat Estate is an investment and construction company whose activity is focused on the market of foreign real estate. She began her career in 2004 as an agency implementing residential properties. Since 2015, she has been actively developing the construction business: in the same year, work is being carried out to implement the Hayat Residence project. Located in Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, the residential complex will be commissioned in 2018. 

Other projects in the company's portfolio include the construction of a two-story villa, the construction of which began in 2015 and ended in November 2016. In less than a year, the company managed to realize its own design, developed by Hayat Residence. The next step is the project of a new residential complex in Alanya on 12 floors. 

Hayat Estate offers properties worldwide. In the company's catalog there are dozens of the most popular countries for living and investing. 

The organization has official representative offices in Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain and Thailand. 

The founders of the agency and its leaders are Panteley Kasayani and Vyacheslav Fomenko. 

Company achievements 

For 14 years on the real estate market Hayat Estate has achieved great success.

Hayat Estate is: 

  • 2 completed projects in Turkey
  • Over 600 satisfied customers worldwide
  • More than 30 countries for sale, rent and investment
  • Over 400 contracts concluded with developers
  • More than 30 employees

The main goal of the company is to provide the most comfortable service that would allow customers to choose, buy or rent property in any country from the presented catalog at minimal cost. 

Potential investors Hayat Estate may be interested in investing their funds in the construction, purchase of land with the possibility of further development and the acquisition of finished real estate, both residential and commercial orientation. 

Company Services 

Hayat Estate offers a range of services that covers all areas of the real estate market. 

  • Seminars on real estate. The company organizes regular events in which anyone interested in investing can get advice from competent specialists in this matter, learn the benefits of owning property abroad and see a presentation that covers all financial issues related to profitable investment of funds in residential and commercial properties. By agreement with the managers, the organization is ready to conduct an on-site seminar for private companies and their employees. The archive Hyat Estate - 111 workshops and thousands of grateful people who have received new knowledge and tremendous experience.
  • View objects in Alanya online. This new service is for those who due to circumstances can not personally attend the meeting. Exclusive innovation allows you to make a tour of the real estate of interest in real time and from anywhere in the world. A virtual journey provides an opportunity to see the view from the window of the desired house, to consider the layout and the surrounding infrastructure of the apartment, walk along the planned route to the neighboring buildings and walk along the nearby streets adjoining the future home. After online viewing, the buyer will be able to decide on the purchase of the house or apartment he has seen, saving his time on travel.
  • Tour of Turkey and Bulgaria. Together with partners, Hayat Estate offers its customers a guided tour of the most popular cities and resorts of the Turkish and Bulgarian Republics. Depending on the individual program, each tour lasts from 2 to 4 days. During this time, company managers will acquaint potential buyers and investors with their own projects and real estate of leading construction companies in the country, as well as organize a viewing of local attractions and advise on any issues of interest.
  • Short-term or long-term rental property for a comfortable vacation or familiarization with life in the country. As well as assistance in the delivery of residential facilities for additional income.
  • Individual construction in Turkey under the order. The company's specialists are ready to develop the project and design of the future facility in accordance with the wishes and requirements of each customer. Hayat Estate gives a guarantee that within 1 month the project will be created, and less than in half a year it will be realized.

In addition, Hayat Estate provides after-sales service. On individual conditions, the company of professionals will assist in the arrangement of the acquired property, in the purchase of furniture and household appliances, in the design of the interior and interior design, as well as in the insurance of real estate. 

Work with clients is conducted in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Turkish, Spanish and Kazakh languages. 

Features of the company 

Hayat Estate has developed and implemented a professional three-tier program to test investment projects for liquidity and ability to generate income in the future. Such expertise guarantees the safety of investments and quick payback in the shortest possible time.

Sergey Kaczynski

Manager on work with clients


Jana Dziuba


Jana Dziuba