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Housage is a successful international agency focused on working with foreign real estate. The company is divided into 3 departments, each of which occupies its niche in the provision of services in the real estate market. The organization has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Spain, London and Cyprus. 

The company has the following goals: 

  • customer care and saving not only his time, but also money 
  • advising on all matters of interest 
  • high-quality legal services at all stages of cooperation 
  • translation services 

Housage gives a 100% guarantee on the confidentiality of information and personal data of its customers. 

Housage realestate 

Department responsible for services for the purchase and sale of residential buildings. The primary task of this division is first-class after-sales service, which takes into account all the search criteria, the financial component and other customer requirements. 

Housage RealEstate is responsible for:

  • advice on the nuances of living in a particular country
  • search for liquid residential properties that meet all the specified parameters
  • demonstration of real estate on the spot

Housage invest

The department responsible for the search and further implementation of commercial and investment properties. 

The primary goal of this division is to provide the customer with the best expert solutions for project financing. 

Housage Invest is responsible for: 

  • study of real estate markets of the most popular and attractive for financial investments countries: Italy, France, Cyprus, Spain and Germany
  • investment strategy developed by experts
  • search for leverage and mechanisms that allow the customer to regulate the investment of funds

Housage immigration 

The department responsible for immigration services abroad through the acquisition of real estate. 

The primary task of this unit is to assist the customer in choosing a country, professional advice and expert answers to all questions related to relocation and citizenship. 

Housage Immigration is responsible for:

  • individual selection of immigration program
  • compiling a directory of liquid objects suitable for immigration programs
  • after-sales service

The internal division of Housage into additional departments allows us to provide a comprehensive and personal approach to all customers. 

Features of the company 

Priority direction for the agency Housage - foreign real estate. The company has existed for several years, providing quality services in its field of activity. 

The main advantage of Housage is customer management at all stages of cooperation - from the first call to the implementation of the transaction. The company also provides comprehensive support to the customer after the purchase of the object of interest, offering to use a first-class after-sales service. 

In addition to sales, Housage experts assist in obtaining a residence visa and in obtaining a mortgage loan at the most attractive rates. 

Employees of the company 

Housage is a team of first-class professionals, which includes lawyers, lawyers and accountants with impressive practical experience. All employees are 100% competent in their field and ready to answer all customer questions, as well as conduct individual consultation for them. 

Customer service is provided in Russian, English, Spanish, French and Turkish.

For Sale
920 000 € 6 920 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 133 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Rooms: 3

Amina Amaziah

Sales Manager

Eugene Bogacheva

Sales Manager

Yuri Kamaev