Калинка Групп (Kalinka Group)

Monaco, Switzerland, the USA, France, Spain and more 5

Kalinka Group was founded when the luxury real estate market was only being shaped in Russia. We were the ones driving its development. Our company was the first one to introduce the very concept of elite properties to Russia and to come up with a proper classification and the basic criteria. We have put our efforts into introducing more beauty, comfort, luxury and contemporary features to private homes and apartments. We have strived to make the choice of properties a simpler and a more pleasant process for you. We work for your benefit, and you have gratified our efforts with your trust, your loyalty, and your attention. This has gained Kalinka Group a reputation of a consultant №1 on the market. We have proven our leadership by our sales and by a large number of premium high-end property concepts created and successfully implemented. Today the company claims its ambitions in the field of implementing investment projects. We have attained a new level in international relations, extending our co-operations with major Russian and international partners. We have grown stronger and even more professional.