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Mercury Luxury Estate on the market for over 15 years. During this time we have concluded hundreds of successful transactions with international real estate, and among our clients – citizens of Russia, Latvia, Germany, France, England, USA. Many years of experience in various segments from rental real estate premium to the sale of large investment projects allows the company to be among the world's best agencies. MLEstate philosophy based on high ethical and professional principles which we follow daily in working with partners and customers. It is important for us to be a step ahead of ourselves in terms of service quality and services, continuously improving the accumulated knowledge and experience. The company has created and is constantly updated with relevant offers exclusive database. Our experts regularly research the market of real estate abroad, meticulously accounting directory. All objects are evaluated by experts according to the international standards of real estate. The rigorous selection process we pay special attention to the location, infrastructure, architectural and interior solutions, the profitability of residential and commercial properties. Only after a detailed study of the subject is in our catalog. At the moment we have a truly unique proposals that will satisfy the discerning taste of each customer. Individual approach to the client - credo MLEstate. We carefully study all the requirements of the client, striving to anticipate needs and offer the best that we have. Personal realtor accompanies the client at all stages of purchase, sale or lease of real estate abroad, representing Your interests at every stage of the transaction. For us the individual approach not only means the client's wishes for the property. We consider personal qualities, because all tastes and preferences are a reflection of the multifaceted and interesting personality of each client. Personalized work style is an advantage and the basic principle of our service. We believe that the client should receive not just a service, but sincere help. We are guided by the principle: "Your interests are our interests." It is important for us not just the provision of services, and the formation of a trusting partnership. Creating emotional comfort and sense of safety the client is an integral part of our operation. We are always ready to dialogue and care about the interests of the client in the process of investing in real estate. We create confidence and loyalty to the company, not in words but in deeds, building open and transparent relationships with partners and customers. Due to corporate policy, quality service and professional ethics, we have managed to gain Your trust and great advice. When customers return to us again and recommend us to your friends for us is the best compliment. We guarantee 100% security of all real estate transactions abroad. All steps are controlled by experienced international lawyers and realtors, and the terms and conditions very clear and detailed. All objects in our catalogue checked for legal purity. We also pay close attention to privacy, protection of funds and personal information of investors. The team MLEstate are qualified and perspective specialists with higher education and knowledge of foreign languages. Employees not only have rich practical experience, but also regularly improve their knowledge by attending relevant trainings, seminars and exhibitions. Our staff specializiruetsya in the market of elite real estate abroad, which allows you to create interesting and profitable offers for investing in property. MG Luxury Estate actively develops not only the client base and partner network. We have agreements with leading companies in Europe, USA and Asia. Our partners include major developers, banks, law firms, real estate agencies. Close and trusting cooperation allows us to solve any problem. What distinguishes companies with a similar list of services? Why a customer turns to one company and comes to another? It's all in the level of service, we are sure. After all, everyone wants to obtain not just a service, but something more - the understanding that the company is on your side, fast and qualitative solution of the problem, and a pleasant companion in the person of the employee. Our experts always strive to do more than required. MG Luxury Estate is among the steadily growing global real estate agencies. We are committed to leadership and new achievements in the field of real-estate services, realizing the responsibility before customers, partners and employees of the company. Sustainable development is among the priorities of our corporate culture. The activity of MG Luxury Estate based on the harmonious management of business processes, combined with high standards of relationships. We are guided by the principles of objectivity and independence. The company believes not exposed to contractors, real estate agencies, various public and financial institutions. It is important for us to provide You with honest, impartial and objective information about all the processes related to the purchase, sale or lease of real property premium. Favorable conditions of cooperation. Our corporate vision – mutually beneficial cooperation, which takes into account the interests of all parties. We guarantee quality service at a reasonable cost, and in return receive a fixed fee. For each project, MG Luxury Estate offers luxury properties at the best prices. We always strive to achieve discounts and favorable deal, and are confident that our customer always gets what he wants. Today for effective advertising campaigns in the real estate market enough conventional marketing activities. For a successful years work MG Luxury Estate has developed effective methods of promoting and increasing the attractiveness of objects. We create marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and ways to attract investors for projects of any complexity.

For Sale
3 181 900 € 3 980 € / sq.m.

Gorgeous villa, Ajman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ajman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Details
  • Area: 799 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1533 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 5
For Sale
1 252 000 € 4 290 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 292 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 393 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 6
For Sale
3 057 700 € 3 930 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 778 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 851 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 3
For Sale
3 508 300 € 5 910 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 594 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 559 sq.m.
  • Storeys count: 2
  • Bedrooms: 4
For Sale
1 169 400 € 2 510 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 466 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1558 sq.m.
  • Storeys count: 3
  • Bedrooms: 6
For Sale
1 051 900 € 3 310 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 318 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 5000 sq.m.
For Sale
2 938 200 € 4 120 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 714 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1540 sq.m.

Irina Alazov

The head of the company.

Victoria Nazarenko

Lead manager of the company.