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The company "ttEstate (Totranslate)" – the international operator of the real estate market. "ttEstate" is a holding company "Turtrans", specializing in travel and real estate services. The holding consists of 4 companies: "ttEstate", "Turtrans Voyage", "Turtrans-Auto" and "Tourist House – Your best travel and leisure". The parent company of the holding company "Turtrans Voyage" - a leading tour operator with 23 years history! "ttEstate" engaged in the sale of overseas property in 18 countries (Europe, America, Eastern countries). Today we are happy to offer their services in more than 700 offices in 203 cities of Russia. "ttEstate" is: - A huge number of proposals under the individual's request without leaving home! - Residential and commercial property in any price range! - Expert advice on countries/ regions/ cities/ districts, prices, cost of ownership, permit and many others. etc. - After choosing the item, You can directly contact the seller of this facility and to ask any clarifying questions! - No obsessive calls! - Russian-speaking staff in each country! - Meeting in airport, transfer, assistance in hotel check-in. - You will take on all suitable sites and will tell in detail about each area and its features! - We cooperate only with reliable overseas property developers, agents, lawyers and notaries, so buying with us, You can be sure that the selected object is legally clean and there are no encumbrances! You will need to open a foreign Bank account, get id of a foreigner (similar to TIN), to prepare all the necessary documents and will accompany Your every step in the transaction. After purchasing, you will be able to get a nice bonus!

Oleg Chashchin

Managing partner

Irina Chashchina