Republic of Cyprus

Company BUY HOME ESTATE AGENCY is a certified real estate agency on the island of Cyprus, specializing in investment and development activities. The organization also deals with land management and services for finding and buying and selling residential and commercial real estate. 

The agency has existed since 1994, the main branch is in the city of Larnaca. A large staff, fluent in English, Russian and Greek, quickly solves customer issues related to the sale, advertising and management of real estate. 

The agency provides stable sales of real estate and helps sellers to quickly find buyers, both in the local market and in the markets of other countries: Great Britain, Russia, Japan and many others. 

Features of the company 

Working in the field of real estate for more than 24 years, the company has extensive experience and is one of the leading real estate agencies in Cyprus. 

The main advantages of the organization are: 

  • Guaranteed fast sales
  • Aggressive marketing strategies
  • Innovative advertising solutions 

An interesting marketing move of the company was the launch of an outdoor network of LCD monitors in the most popular places on the island. Large screens allow you to share key information with potential buyers around the clock. 

BUY HOME is also directly involved in a number of well-known development projects in the region, respectively, each client gets access to transactions on elite properties, the cost of which is below market. 


The organization has a large fleet of premium cars, friendly drivers who quickly and safely deliver buyers and tenants to destinations on the island. The company's cars are also a kind of advertising and attract well the attention of potential customers. 

Company work 

The company employs dynamic, energetic and result-oriented real estate professionals. When applying for a job, you must have a profile education, knowledge of English, Greek and Russian languages. Communicative skills of the candidate and the level of PC skills are also taken into account. 

The company offers a dynamic environment that encourages professional growth, career opportunities and a very attractive compensation package. This is a good motivation for work, and working closely with each other, employees always achieve excellent results.

For Sale
1 629 000 € 6 270 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 260 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 558 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 4
For Sale
5 992 500 € 8 880 € / sq.m.

Gorgeous villa, Eparchia Larnakas, Republic of Cyprus

Eparchia Larnakas, Republic of Cyprus Details
  • Area: 675 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1439 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 5
For Sale
1 512 700 € 2 020 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 750 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 3345 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 9
For Sale
314 200 € 1 570 € / sq.m.

Magnificent villa, Larnaca, Eparchia Larnakas, Republic of Cyprus

Larnaca, Eparchia Larnakas, Republic of Cyprus Details
  • Area: 200 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 293 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 3
For Sale
872 700 € 1 820 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 480 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 3767 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 5
For Sale
4 072 600 € 7 270 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 560 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1210 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 4
For Sale
8 121 900 € 10 220 € / sq.m.
  • Area: 795 sq.m.
  • Plot Area: 1823 sq.m.
  • Bedrooms: 5